IQOS HeatSticks Rich Regular


IQOS Heatstick

This is a full flavored Marlboro tobacco blend heatstick.

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This is only for IQOS tabacco 1carton(10 packs) 200pieces
Rich regular the strongest regular where you can enjoy the taste and richness of tobacco leaves

With a crisp taste that suppresses sweetness, you can feel the umami of tobacco leaves. The impression is quite similar to the cigarette “Marlboro”. The strength is equal to or higher than “regular”. The taste is deep and strong. The steam passing through the throat certainly feels rich. A box with a purely delicious taste of regular cigarettes with little extra fragrance.

*IQOS 「sold separately」 is needed to use HeatSticks.
* Do not light HeatSticks with matches or lighters.

1 carton 200 sticks

Ship from Japan

IQOS煙彈・電子煙・加熱式香煙 日本國東京都清澄白河きよすみしらかわ


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Weight 250 g