Heatsticks in Japan, I m in Tokyo. 

There are so many flavour choices on the shelf and you maybe confused of the difference of each flavour and have the question which one I should choose. 

This passage will explain your questions. 

There are two product lines in Japan Heatsticks and HEETS.

They both manufactured by PMI. Heatsticks is the product type printed on the package and the bolded name is Marlboro, so we could call it either Heatsticks or Marlboro.

Heatsticks is the more premium version of heat-not-burn/IQOS product, of course a bit more expensive than its counterparts HEETS and is well-known for its solid taste, smooth feel and diverse flavour choice.

They all need to be consumed by IQOS special designed heating device, which could precisely heating the heatsticks/heets consumable sticks to around 300 degrees the critical threshold could deliver nicotine vapour without burning it or releasing too much harmful particles generated by traditional cigarette burning process.

Please notice one thing Heatsticks or Marlboro is only made in JAPAN, which means this special type, different from any HEETS already available in many countries, is solely sold in Japan market. Coming to the package, there are New flavours have been launched plus the previous flavour currently 12 flavour are available on the market. 

I have tried all of these, here is a brief introduction of each taste & difference 

  1. fusion menthol -taste like peach 
  2. black menthol-strongest menthol 
  3. bright menthol-a blend of pear and menthol 
  4. tropical menthol-a hint of orange and mango 
  5. balanced regular-light original 
  6. Rich regular-strongest original
  7. regular-strong original 
  8. smooth regular-a hint of nut 
  9. smooth and soft original 
  10. mint-lightest mint 
  11. purple menthol– a blend of blueberry and menthol
  12. yellow menthol-lemon flavour with menthol.

Personally I like smooth regular and Purple menthol. Smooth regular, ah its name explains, very smooth soft throat hit and no strong odour, purple menthol I think is the iconic product I’ll recommend, It is strong in menthol provide you a refresh feeling and my favourite satisfying blueberry aromatic smell.